EASYCON system minimize the power consumption and maintenance management because it has the convenience feature and design construction to control the every lightings conveniently regardless of the construction size

EASYCON not only control the central monitoring room collectively but also manage the lightings automatically with sensor linking and schedule control by easy modification of control location to make a possible that flexible operation



Soft ware for system(LIGHT MANAGER)

Main functions of LIGHT MANAGEMENT

Graphic text

A variety of options such as changeable color gradation for letters, border color, transparency, thickness, display format and icon background etc,.

Intuitive tooltip : Easy and various guidance

Real time support such as easy-to-understand instructions, tooltips, tag values and control information on control icon bar.

Various and intuitive alarm method

Apply special alarm effects such as focusing, voice alarm, icon animation, blinking and changing color/text etc, so that you can notice the location and cause of alarm right away. Automatic move to the corresponding screen.

Automatic script

With the latest Microsoft C# script, users can make various functions what they want such as changing values, combination of functions and auto-recording. Intuitive uses without manual through the auto-fill feature of function On-line display of coding problem.

Various types of control

Support for various kinds of control graphics such as gauges, metric system, slider bars, thermometers and switches etc.

Report generation and editing

Automatic report generation in Excel format Screen display, editing and print functions.

High speed communication

Updatable of real-time information up to 10~12 equipments per sec. by improvement of communication speed .
(In case of using 1 line) Universal / dedicated driver possible for Modbus

Demand control

Monitoring / control functions of maximum power demand

Electricity bill-saving is possible

Enhanced automatic tag entering / editing

Other companies method : It is complex that the user himself calculate data bit and variable types etc., and input tag set value.

Ours : It needs only entering the name of tag. Then S/W automatically calculate and input the measured value. The corresponding equipment tag automatically entered with one-click instead of complicated user tag specification. Change of selected tag value at once. Deletion of selected equipment tag

Easy conversion of various equipment values

With Gain-Offset and script support, easy display of unit conversion, changed value, conditions value and instruction etc., in the way users want.

Gauge value map/simulation support

Easy real-time output of equipment values just by choosing the name and address of it. Virtual motion display by simulation.