Jungho TLC

ESCS system

Rage of the power control system


Integrated control system for the power & the lighting control system

Direct Digital Controller for on-site

DIPM, DIMC, Transducer type (ACV, ACA, DCA, DCV)


Monitoring of relays and measuring instruments

Monitoring and controlling of breakers, power status and alarm

Power outage or restoration control, power factor monitoring, generator monitoring

Technical assistance

Test for the system adjustment and the individual commissioning

Total commissioning service

Providing a training for operator with the system manual

Main functions of power control system

Monitoring, measuring
- Control : VCB, ACB input/cutting off - Measuring : voltage, current, power, power factor, harmonic wave, frequency, DC voltage and DC current - Monitoring : VCB, ACB, ATS status / OCR, OCGR, UVR alarm / ELD alarm / TR temperature rise alarm
Indication and record Efficient electrical substation management and energy saving with passing the collected DATA along to the software which manage the power
Power monitoring
and alarm
Monitoring the target energy consumption, present energy consumption, estimated energy consumption, demand control warning and power outage alarming
Power outage
and restoration
Notice the issue to operator in power outage and monitor simultaneously the operation status of interlock devices as well as generator
Load control of generator At the power outage, monitoring the generator power to not be exceed generator capacity after generator voltage checking and then make a decision to operate or stop in accordance with order of priority
Power factor control The functions of Inputting and blocking the condenser and consistent high power factor with monitoring the power factor of electric power system to maintain the optimum power factor
Maximum demand power control The function of Power Consumption Control with periodical power consumption, analysis and prediction and controlling the registered load not to be exceed the proposed demand

Effect of the power control system

Power control - Stable management of eco-friendly energy
- Reduction of electric charge by high power factor preservation and power factor control
- Maximum demand power control and trend analysis
- Cost saving for the building management and energy consumption
- Establishment of scheme for the power supply and integrated management

Diagram of the power control system